Vicar’s welcome

Our Vicar gives you some basic information about the parish and assures you of a warm welcome!



From the Vicar, Revd. Andy Myers:

In May 2013 the Anglican parishes of St Cross and St Mary’s were united to from one parish….  The Parish of Middleton. This has inspired us to commission this website which we hope you’ll find useful, if you’re looking for somewhere in South Leeds to worship, if you’re looking to get married at one of our Churches, or  wanting to book a baptism (Christening),  or perhaps you might be considering a church funeral or one led by a priest. Hopefully this website will signpost you to all you need.  Both churches are in the broad catholic tradition of the church of England, where the Eucharist on Sundays is the primary act of worship.


Whatever you’re looking for at St Cross or St Mary’s you can be assured of a very warm welcome. Man of us remember the first time we visited a new church and we are conscious of how hard it is to cross the threshold. Please be encouraged to come inside, and experience the journey of faith with us. We are all on a journey; we are all “works in progress”, so give us a try if some of the following apply to you:


  • I’m looking to explore a religious faith
  • I’ve got one already and need to join a community of believers
  • I’m not sure what I believe or want
  • I’m not sure what Anglicans believe
  • I want to join a team of ordinary human beings who want to achieve something extraordinary in their communities.


Rev Andy’s potted biography (not the whole truth……)


Born 1957 in Hyde Park maternity hospital – brought up as a Roman Catholic , went to school in Meanwood. From east Leeds. Trained for RC priesthood for three years straight from school at Ushaw college Durham, left before ordination. Did degree in Religious Studies at Leeds University where worked for 20 years supporting Disabled students. Found a home in the Church of England and eventually re-discovered my vocation to the priesthood there – especially in the church where I worshipped All Souls in Little London. Trained for Priesthood on Northern Ordination Course where I gained my Masters in Theology. Am married with no children unless you count two horses and a dog.


My passion is for the Gospel which transforms individuals and communities in the service of all those whom God has a preferential concern for – – anyone who is marginalised economically, or through age, gender, race and sexuality. I’m passionate about the Church’s capability to be an agent for change and a centre for the sacramental encounter with the living God. I’m a radical catholic theologically and believe that our Church’s mission is to expose people to the utterly transforming and life changing real presence of Christ through word, prayer and sacrament. Who knows where that will take us in Middleton – but change is on the cards for all of us – change which must happen if we expose ourselves to God’s presence and hear the call to make real his Gospel which is good news for all of us who are poor in all our various ways. Essentially this will mean that our Church will disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed.


I believe the Reality we call “God” is bigger than any one tradition (although revealed most conclusively so far in the life, ministry, death and resurrection  of Jesus Christ). So you can be sure we will respect your own views and faith experiences.


So please come to one of our services an. make yourself known to me afterwards