Getting Married


Getting married at St Mary’s or St Cross

Good news! You can marry in our churches!

You’re welcome to marry at St Mary’s or St Cross, whatever your beliefs, whether or not you are christened and regardless of whether you go to church or not. It’s your church, and we welcome you!

(A complication will only arise if one of you is a foreign national or a refugee or asylum seeker. Contact Andy, the Vicar, and he’ll take you through the procedures required by law and the Church of England which may require the application  for a special licence from our Bishop or Archbishop in certain cases. Andy believes strongly that the sacrament of marriage should be offered to all without  prejudice  or judgement but it is important that we follow all due procedures of both the Church law to make sure your wedding is valid, sound  and legal both in civil and ecclesiastical terms)

Andy also likes prospective couples to come to a Sunday service at either St Mary’s or St Cross to get a feel for our church and the spiritual context within which marriages at our churches are celebrated. If circumstances really prevent this, Andy is flexible and will still be prepared to marry you.

To get married at either St Mary’s or St Cross  the law requires that you have a “demonstrable connection” with the parish of Middleton, Leeds. These requirements are not usually difficult to comply with: they are:

  • One of you was baptised at St Mary’s or St Cross Middleton, or confirmed as a member of this parish (recorded in our confirmation register.)
  • Your parents or grandparents were married at either church
  • One of you has lived in the parish as your main residence for at least six months (even if you no longer live here); or your parents have lived in the parish for a six month period during your lifetime

You or your parents have habitually worshipped here for a period of at least six months.

There are legal fees which usually must be charged for weddings at St Mary’s and St Cross, but as a rough guide including organist fees you’ll be looking at budgeting around £546.

After you have come to church and are sure you want to be married at St Mary’s or St Cross, make an appointment with Andy and he’ll visit you in your home, to take you through the details and book your wedding for you.  He’ll usually ask you to provide proofs of identity and residency when he comes to see you. In case of one of the partners being divorce